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"Education Iconics" is the name of a field of inquiry. The term "iconics" is an abridgment coined to denote both iconographic and iconologic inquiry into the visual expression of educational themes. An analysis and understanding of educational beliefs, attitudes, values, and practices in the societies where the images were both produced and used is possible through the study of education iconics.

Images can be educative; some images are of education themes. Images of education may romanticize, illustrate, or detail the history and experience of education in the context of  institutions and other settings. Education imagery may be understood by both iconographic description and interpretation.

The collective study of education iconics relates most closely to the history of education. This knowledge base is also of value to the more general perspectives of art history, general intellectual or social history, and cultural anthropology, as well as the cross-disciplinary studies of Classical Traditions, Humanities, Religious Studies, Women's Studies, and American Studies.

The scope of the Virtual Museum of Education Iconics image collection is extensive. This collection includes images of artifacts that date from ancient Greece to the 20th century; from locations around the globe. Some images within the collection are offered as context examples to clarify ideas, or geographically locate subjects.

Regarding Images: All museum images currently on display are from slides and photographs in Professor Bagley's personal collection. Every effort has been made to observe copyright restrictions. Please notify us if you are aware of any infringement.

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