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American Popular Culture
Various themes of education are found on the covers of Liberty Magazine, Collier's Magazine, and the Saturday Evening Post.
Burton Hall & Gopher Yearbook
Burton Hall, the University of Minnesota's first library building, has been an important focal point throughout years of student life. Representations of Burton Hall from within the pages of the student yearbook "The Gopher."
Chiron the Educator
Chiron - Centaurus - Sagittarius: the appearance of the first educator celebrated in western civilization has been preserved since classical antiquity.
Choir Stall Carvings
Themes antithetic to those sung in the choirs were often sculpted into the stalls. This is as true of education themes as it is in general, and nowhere more so than in misericords.
Emblem Books
Throughout the 16th & 17th centuries, Emblem Books were a popular means of education.
Grammar as Teacher
Personified throughout the ages, different versions of Grammar are found in multiple mediums, as well as locations.
Japanese Iconography
Japanese Iconography links the perception and interpretation of the artist with a description of the society that created a demand for these images.
Jesus at School
Did Jesus of Nazareth go to school? This tour presents school scenes from Jesus' childhood.
Orbis Sensualium Pictus
Orbis Sensualium Pictus, an illustrated school text book, was a model for a number of other school books.
Poetry: Antiquity to Twentieth Century
This exhibition features selections of verbal representations in Occidental didactic poems and other poetry depicting educational themes.
St. Ann Teaching the Virgin to Read
In this imagery of St. Anne and the Virgin, the roles of mother and "classroom" teacher harmonize.
Teaching Cupid to Read
The Seven Liberal Arts
This tour takes one through space and time to view various examples of the personified scholastics.
Study & Love: Aristotle's Fall
Aristotle, tutor and counselor to Alexander the Great, falls for the scheme of the youthful monarch's paramour.
A Wolf at School

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