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People or Organizations

The Virtual Museum of Education Iconics would like to acknowledge the contributions made by the following people or organizations:

Education Iconics Endowment

Elmer L. Andersen Library, U of MN

College of Education and Human Development

Goldstein Gallery

Weisman Art Museum

The Education Iconics Web Site & Development Team

The Virtual Museum of Education Iconics web pages have been the result of a number of contributions in the department. Those involved in the project are listed below:

Ayers Bagley, Professor Emeritus
1976-2020: Museum Founder.
 As the Director of the Education Iconics Project, Professor Bagley had overseen more than 20 years of research and development put forth to this project. The Museum is dedicated primarily to teaching; its exhibits are associated with University of Minnesota courses on "education." Professor Bagley initiated and directed the efforts to bring this knowledge base to the web.

Jake Jacobson, Professor Emeritus
1997- Present: Museum Director & Curator. As Director of the Education Iconics Project, Professor Jacobson, manages the current day-to-day research, development, and international growth put forth to this project. Professor Jacobson is a full time faculty of History, Design and Interactive Media, Cinema, Photography & Digital Imaging, and past campus Coordinator of the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). Jake's long-term association with the Virtual Museum of Education Iconics began in 1997, when he created the third gallery of the Museum, "Japanese Education Iconography." He has focused his expertise on directing the updating and refining the basic structures and content of the Museum.

William Ammentorp, Professor Emeritus
Special acknowledgment is owed to William Ammentorp, Professor Emeritus and Past-Chairman of EdPA. It was at Dr. Ammentorp's urging that work began on the establishment of what has become the Virtual Museum of Education Iconics. Dr. Ammentorp foresaw the potential of the internet in relation to higher education. He immediately recognized the suitability of the web for Education Iconics displays and related text. He not only encouraged the development of the VMEI, he assigned departmental personnel to enable its establishment. Dr. Ammentorp's keen vision has been confirmed. Visits to the VMEI now number in the millions. Visitors continue to arrive from all quarters of the globe.

CEHD Web Team
Special acknowledgment is also owed to the Web Team at the College of Education and Human Development at the University of Minnesota who is charged with current the design and maintenance of the Education Iconics website. Part of the Academic and Information Technology Office, the Web Team maintains over 200 websites at the University of Minnesota. Questions and comments about the design and function of the Education Iconics website can be directed to the team at cehdweb@umn.edu

Past Webmasters

Ling Wang
5/95-8/97: Became the EdPA departmental webmaster during her first year of graduate study in US, designed the original webpage structure.
4/97-8/97: Ling was a co-developer of the Virtual Museum of Education Iconics, with Brenda Stewart, and also the main developer of Gallery 1, which features Anita Wallace's exhibition.

Brenda Stewart

7/95-12/97: Last graduate student to be the EdPA webmaster, now graduated with her Ph.D.
4/97-12/97: Main developer of the original Virtual Museum of Education Iconics.

Janet Lynn Ford
7/98-05: A graduate of the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Janet brought a new element of design to the site. As webmaster, she reconstructed the current overall character of the Virtual Museum of Education Iconics including all logos and graphical elements, individual page layout, as well as the general site navigation capabilities. Janet's management brought a flexible format to the web-site structure, thereby facilitating future adaptations.

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